Bushcraft trip – Natural shelter – Spatula carving – Outdoor cooking – ASMR

In this video you will see my bushcraft trip to the remote location of Northern Wilderness of Sapmi.
This is not a 2 days solo bushcraft trip because I just wanted to hike to the forest and relax. So I decided to have maximum fun in one day.
My path went along the small river in the beginning of my journey. I tried to find a crossing to the other side and didn’n want to get wet. My base camp was there. On the other coast. It took me a few hours…
I was exhausted because of the hot weather and decided to take a break. I brew some tea with chaga and pine needles. Also I had a cookies.
During this stop I made a couple of wood planks using my Silky saw. I’ll carve a spatula later.
After rest I made my way to the shelter. I crossed the river on stones.
My camp was almost stealth among the forest but I knew there it is and found it very fast. I made a fire with a ferro rod and started to carve a spatula.
Dinner time. I cooked my version of German omlette with potatoes, sausages and pickles on the campfire. Amazing food! In the forest it’s triple delicious!
Another wonderful day in my natural shelter in the forest.

Enjoy watching!

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